The Kwik Mix Story

What We Do

For over 50 years Kwik Mix Materials has been manufacturing the absolute highest quality of pre-mixed concretes, mortars and related repair products. We also offer a variety of specialized services such as custom toll blending, custom packaging and small to large scale rotary kiln drying.

Who We Are

Informal, easy-going, unconventional, adaptable, most likely covered in cement, and teeming with “individuality”. The last of which is open to interpretation… On a slightly different note:  We are a close-nit variety of individuals that take pride in what we do, striving to produce strong, reliable and professional easy-to-use products. Our company philosophy is and has always been to enjoy what we do, treat people fairly, and make the best products on the market.

Why We Are Here

Well, to be frank, because the food industry has too many rules, and the alcohol industry is far too saturated. We are here because of the contributions of our employees, both past and present – Even a few that have been here since day one. This has allowed us to develop the current knowledge capital we have and need to gradually improve our products and functionality as a business.


Kwik Mix Materials Limited commitment to Accessibility
For more information please refer to the Kwik Mix Materials Limited’s Accessibility Policy .