Permanent, Fine, Cold Patch

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HIGH PERFORMANCE permanent pot-hole patch. Ready to use in all weather conditions.


Kwik Mix Asphalt Patch is a "cold patch" and ready-to-use without heating or mixing. Kwik Mix Asphalt Patch can be used under all weather conditions........rain or snow, heat or freeze! The material permanently bonds to old asphalt and can be open to traffic immediately.

Features and Technical Data

The Asphalt Cold Patch meets the following Specs:
Results based on AES Cold Mix Design evaluation ISO Form F4.10.13E2

Asphalt Content ASTM D2172-92 5.2%
Static Stripping ASTM D1664-80 95-100%
Kinetic Stripping OPSS 1153-02-01 95%
Cohesion MTO LS-290 99.9%




Each 50 lb bag will yield enough material to fill a 1 sq ft pothole to a depth of 4 inches. (One bag fills a 1/2 cu ft).


Square off edges of the area to be patched and sweep out all loose particles. Potholes should be cleaned free of gas, oil and grease, etc before applying Kwik Mix Asphalt Patch.


Place ASPHALT PATCH in the hole in layers of 2 inch thickness tamping well between layers and spread to a level about 1 inch higher than the surrounding asphalt. Compact the material with a hand tamper, roller, or by driving over the patch with a car tire. The permanent patch is ready for traffic immediately.

For best results

Place Kwik Mix Asphalt Patch in layers of 2 inch thickness. Proper tamping between layers is important. To speed hardening and eliminate a tacky surface, dust with Play Sand or Portland Cement. ASPHALT PATCH cures through a process of evaporation. Cooler weather will require a longer curing time. Following prolonged storage the material may appear to be hard in the bag. Kneading the material before opening the bag will make it workable. In cooler weather, keep bags in a warm area at least 24 hours before using.


ASPHALT PATCH contains Petroleum Asphalt. As with any Petroleum based material, direct contact may irritate eyes and skin. Wear protective clothing: gloves and eye protection. If material gets in the eyes, rinse immediately and contact a physician. Wash exposed skin areas with water. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY!KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

Clean Up

Clean up with Mineral Spirits.

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