Square Foot

square foot

Square Foot is the only building code evaluated square plastic concrete footing form in North America. When used with rebar, Square Foot provides the strongest footing possible - stronger than any other footing form or method.


Intended for below ground pours of any desired concrete mixture. For residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial applications such as: decks, porches, posts, poles, signs, sheds, barns, columns, foundations, docks, walkways, sunrooms, additions and so much more.

More resistant to frost and uplift from high velocity winds Greater bearing capacity produces greater structural integrity Four structural points of contact with the ground make leveling easier Parallel sides easily facilitate standard rebar, creating the strongest footing possible

Features and Technical Data

SF22 - allows for tube sizes of 8" or 10"
SF28 - allows for tube sizes of 8", 10" or 12"


Cut square foot to desired construction tube size. Saw construction tube to desired length. Attach tube to Square Foot with four 1” screws. Excavate to required depth – typically 1.5m (5’) for frost. Place tube and footing on undisturbed soil or compacted stone or gravel base. Tube extending more than 91cm (36”) above grade must be braced. Level and plumb tube and footing. Backfill using shovel or backhoe, making sure tube remains level/plumb. Invert spare Square Foot to act as funnel for concrete. Pour concrete, checking for air pockets in footing. Remove Square Foot funnel and trowel concrete. Install anchor.

For further information visit www.sqfoot.com.