Indiana Limestone

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Indiana Limestone is a calcite-cemented calcareous stone found in massive deposits in 3 counties in the State of Indiana. It possesses a remarkable uniformity of composition, texture and structure. The Stone has high internal elasticity, adapting itself without damage to extreme changes in temperature. The Stone combines excellent physical properties with a remarkable degree of machinability. This ease of machining provides complete flexibility of shape and texture at a low cost.


Window and Door Sills, Coping, Entrance Trim, Building Slabs and Stones as well as Pre-assembled Windows, Headers and Surrounds are long time standards in Indiana Limestone.

Technical Data

The following test results are based on the requirements of the U.S. Bureau of Standards, Committee C-18 of ASTM.
Compressive Strength: Minimum 4,000 psi
Modulus of Rupture: Minimum 700 psi
Absorption: Maximum 7.5%
Available by special order
Transportation and Storage
Extreme care shall be taken to insure that the assembled units are free of any torsional stress during transportation, handling and storage
Setting with Mortar
Setting Mortar should be ASTM-270 composed of 1 part Type S Masonry Cement and 3 parts sand mixed with potable water, or Kwik Mix "Pre-Mixed Mortar Mix"
For best results
Limestone should be set on Concrete, clip angles or continuous angles bedded in mortar. Where load bearing joints occur between stones, bedding materials should be used to support the stones. All bed and joint widths should be 3/8 inches.

Clean Up

The Limestone should be washed with fiber brushes, soap powder and clean water, or an approved mechanical cleaning process.

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