Masonry Cement Type N

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Masonary Cement is a combination of finely ground Portland Cement combined with sand and water forming mortar which is the binding agent used by masons. ASTM classifies Masonry Cement in 3 categories based on strength characteristics. Each type is designated by the letter “N”, “S”, or “M”. Type N is a general purpose Masonry Cement.


Used in normal residential and non-residential applications such as
veneer - curtain and partial walls
chimneys and back up walls
exterior and interior masonry work:
including walls - chimneys
tuck pointing - parging

Features and Technical Data

Each bag of Masonry Cement mixed with 3 cu ft of sand will produce 3 cu ft of mortar.


Avoid working in extreme weather conditions. Have materials required on hand: clean water, sand (21/4 - 3 cu ft loose damp Masonry Sand), watertight mechanical mixer, measuring pots, trowel, mortar board etc


Mix 1/2 water and 1/2 sand required to 1 bag of Masonry Type N followed by the remaining amount of sand and enough water to bring mix to desired consistency. Mortar should be mixed for at least 5 minutes once all ingredients are in mixer. Each batch mixed should be the same consistency.

For best results

Measure each batch to achieve exact consistency.


Wear tight-fitting goggles, protective respiratory masks, gloves and protective clothing. This product, dry or wet, can cause irritation and severe burns. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately. Repeated inhalation can cause lung disease. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. DO NOT INHALE. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

Clean Up

Clean up with soap and water. Rinse tools before material hardens.

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