Kwik Post

kwik post 840

A perfectly proportioned blend of high quality Portland Cement, Concrete Sand, dry crushed aggregate and a special set accelerator.


Suitable for a variety of "fast setting" applications such as the setting of posts and poles. The set time (initial set in approximately 5 minutes) allows for placing and setting without the use of bracing. 

Features and Technical Data

Each 66 lb bag will produce about ½ cubic foot of finished Concrete.

Material required for "fence post" holes:

4" x 4" post in 8" tube or hole by 4' deep = 2.5 bags

6" x 6" post in 12" tube or hole by 4' deep = 4 bags


This product does not require mixing.

Dig post hole and allow at least 2" of clearance on each side of post. Put 5 or 6" of water in the bottom of the hole and pour KWIK POST dry mix directly into hole around the post until the hole is filled to 4" below grade. Add additional water to the top of the hole while poking with rod or stick to allow water to penetrate into the material. Do not over water! Kwik Post will start to stiffen within minutes, and the post will be load bearing within several hours. Warm water will speed the set time and cold water will slow down the set time. Moisten the exposed surface of the Concrete and slope away from the post to allow water run-off to prevent post rotting.


Kwik Post contains Portland Cement. Direct contact may irritate eyes & skin. Wear protective clothing (gloves & safety glasses) when using this product. Wash exposed areas promptly with water. If material gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek immediate medical attention. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

Clean Up

Clean up is simple and easy with soap and water. Rinse tools before material hardens.

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