Mortar Mix S

mortar mix s bag


A perfectly proportioned blend of high quality type 'S' Masonry Cement clean and sharp brick sand.


Use as a Masonry binder for brick, block and stone.

Suggested Uses Are:

Laying Brick - Setting Block - Tuck Pointing - Barbeques - Parging - Stone Work - Chimney Repair

Features and Technical Data

Each 66 lb bag will lay approximately 55 standard bricks or 12 standard blocks with a 3/8 inch mortar joint.
All surfaces should be clean and free of oil, gas, paint, grease, etc. before applying Mortar Mix.


Pour required amount of Mortar Mix into a clean wheelbarrow, mortar-box or similar container. Form a crater in the centre of the dry mix and pour in clear water while mixing with shovel or hoe. Water content should be about 1 quart for every 20 pounds of dry Mortar Mix. Mix to the consistency of a heavy batter.

For best results

Always use clean equipment, tools and water. A mechanical paddle-type mixer is recommended. Use a measurable container so the exact amounts are used for each batch. Avoid working in extreme heat. Use only when the temperature is 40ºF and rising. In cooler weather, use warm (not hot) water. Mix for 6 to 8 minutes. Thoroughly dampen the brick, block or repair area before applying the new Mortar to prevent a premature drying of the new material. Keep the new Mortar damp for at least 3 days by an occasional fine spraying of water.


Kwik Mix Mortar Mix contains Portland cement and lime. Direct contact may irritate eyes and skin. Wear protective clothing (gloves and safety glasses) when using this product. Wash exposed areas promptly with water. If any material gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly and seek immediate medical attention.   DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

Clean Up

Clean up is simple and easy with soap and water. Rinse tools before material hardens.

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