Parging Mix

parging mix new

A blend of Type 'S' Masonry Cement, Fine Sand and additives to produce an exterior cementitious coating that is ascetically pleasing. 


Parging for Block walls or Poured Concrete. 

Features and Technical Data

A 30kg (66lb) bag will cover 50 square feet to a thickness of 1/8".


Remove paint, grease, oil and other foreign matter from area to be resurfaced. Sweep or scrub away all unsound concrete. Flush away residue with clean water. Allow the surface area to remain damp with no standing water prior to application.


Empty contents of bag into clean mixing container. Add small amounts of water at a time (4 litres per 30kg bag). Mix thoroughly about 5 minutes. Spray surface to be coated with water to dampen the surface. Make certain the surface stays damp ahead of the application of Parging Mix.

PLACEMENT With a mason’s trowel, scoop up mixture and apply over blocks or wall not more than 3/8" thick. With dampened trowel, go over the Parging Mix to a smooth finish.

For best results

Use in temperatures above 5ºC. Keep damp for 72 hours by fine misting occasionally with water.


If splashed in eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention. Contains Portland Cement. Avoid ingestion, inhalation or skin contact. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a dry place.

Clean Up

Clean up is simple and easy with soap and water. Rinse tools before material hardens.

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