Builder's Tubes

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Handiform Concrete Forming Tubes are a lightweight single-use tube designed for all types of construction. Tubes are ruggedly constructed and stocked in diameters of 6", 8" 10" and 12" in 8' lengths. Heavy wall tubes in the Redline and Blueline (6" to 60" width, 12' lengths) are also available.



Intended for below or above-ground pours of any desired concrete mixture.
Footings for Deck Posts - Fence Posts - Mail Boxes - Goal Posts - Cottages - Piers - Mobile Homes - Storage Buildings or wherever concrete footings are needed


Sturdy and economically constructed.
Wax coated on the outer surface for protection against weather conditions.
Polyethylene laminated inner ply for easy stripping.
Light weight makes for easy handling, bracing and anchoring.


All round columns are manufactured of spiral construction with wall thicknesses as published by the manufacturer. The tube surface is treated with a moisture resistant coating.

8 foot lengths in 6", 8" 10", 12" diameters (nested sets of 3)
12 foot lengths in 6" to 60" diameters (special orders)