Plug and Stop Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic Cement


A perfectly proportioned blend of high quality Portland Cement, special Silica Sand, Plasticizer and a Set Accelerator.


A fast setting, high strength, concrete plug to fill spaces, cracks and holes in Concrete.

Suggested uses include:

Plugs Cracks - Anchors Bolts - Plugs Holes - Stops Water Leaks - Repairs Tunnels & Pools - Docks - Pools - Dams - Seawalls - Cisterns

Technical Data

IN 44 LB (20 KG) BAGS: 72 PER SKID

Contact us for compressive strength.   


5 lbs of QUICK SET will fill a 1 sq ft hole to a 1/2 inch thickness.


Cracks should be reamed out with a screwdriver to create an inverted "V" to permit expansion lock. Thoroughly clean the area with a brush or broom. Flush with clean water and remove standing water.


Pour a small amount of water into a clean pail and add QUICK SET powder to the water while mixing to a heavy putty consistency. Mix only as much material as can be used immediately. INITIAL SET TAKES PLACE IN 3-5 MINUTES. Warm water will accelerate the set time and cold water will allow more time to mix. Form the mixture into a ball and force the plug into the dampened crack, hole or damaged area. After the initial set, surface may be dampened for a smooth finish with trowel or screed.

For best results

Because of the very short working time, it is very important that preparation is done before mixing. DO NOT RE-MIX after the initial set takes place.Strength will be greatly reduced if the set is broken. DO NOT USE as a surface patch. (see Super Bond Topping Cement). The expansion will break the strong surface bond over time. Under Normal Conditions damp curing is not required. Surface should be protected from wind and direct sunlight. Temperatures should remain above 40ºF. Surface will be traffic bearing in 2 hours.


Quick Set Cement contains Portland. Direct contact may irritate eyes and skin. Wear protective clothing (gloves and safety glasses) when using this product. Wash exposed areas promptly with water. If any material gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly and seek immediate medical attention. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

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